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Speed dating [26 Jan 2015|10:12pm]

We are happy to invite you to our international Speed-dating event, which would take place on Thursday, 5th February at Take your time café (Legerová 76). If you want to find new friends, meet your Valentine before 14th February or just enjoy a great evening with interesting people – you are very welcome!
Due to a limited number of participants, preregistration is required by email to info@armanwedding.com!
Men 23-40
Women 21-38
Men 230 Kč
Women 190 Kč

We will provide you with all important information as soon as we receive your preregistration email.
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видео съемка [21 Nov 2011|11:47am]

Снимаю видео истории в Праге и по целой европе. Ваша свадьба, любовная история, день рождение ребенка или просто прогулка по городу теперь останется в вашей памяти на долгие годы.
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[18 May 2011|08:22pm]


I'd like to sell SCIROCCO CITY bike, condition is as new, travelled just 50 km on it.

The bike is suitable for height 160-180 sm. Aluminium frame, 45 sm, 21 speed, Shimano Tourney brakes, 2 lights, basket which can be unfastened easily.

Can be picked up at Stodulky or if I'm in city can be delivered to you.

In case of quick deal some discount could be applied. Feel free to contact if you are interested.
Price: 6500CZK
Condition: Used - Like New
Location: Stodulky
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Vacancy of English teacher [29 Mar 2011|10:58pm]

International O’key Language School is looking for native speaker professional teachers of English.
Applicants must have a professional language teaching qualification.
We welcome teachers with:
* an open and friendly attitude,
* experience in communicative language teaching,
* a creative approach,
* a desire for further professional development.

We offer:
* Full- and part-time contracts of different length.
* A variety of classes, encompassing different levels and different age groups.
* Competitive salary.
* Discounts on classes of other languages.

Salary depends on the number of contract hours.
Send your CVs with photo to okey@okey-school.com

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the Day of Tongues [01 Feb 2011|10:47am]

The 3rd February is our celebration of the Day of Tongues. It is an international festival for polyglots and all linguistic people who enjoy good company. This is your opportunity to show how eloquent you are and also to pick up new ways of communicating, for e.g. through the language of arts, such as dance or photography.
Come and enjoy informative competitions, mini-training sessions, good company, refreshments and even presents! Above all, come and have fun!
During the celebration, we will be announcing the winner of the International Photo Competition “My Incredible … Country”.
Come and see us on Thursday 3rd February at 7 p.m. at International O’key Language School, Prague. Address: 4th floor, Sokolská 52, Praha 2. Nearest metro: I.P.Pavlova.
Please let us know if you would like to take part in this event:
Tel. +420 608 045 500 or via e-mail: okey@okey-school.com
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Give your vote to the winner! [13 Jan 2011|06:50pm]

The international photo competition: My incredible … (Country), announced by the Club of Foreign Photographers, together with International O’key Language School (Prague), is coming to its end. But you still can vote for the best photo work at International O’key Language
School's Facebook page
! The most popular photograph will be awarded a special prize. 
Closing date: 31st of January 2011.
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear friends! [29 Dec 2010|04:17pm]


International O'key Language School
in Prague
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Great sale in Prague! [15 Dec 2009|03:28pm]

Great sale in Prague. Goods at low price.
We offer: qualitative microwave oven, 2 qualitative heaters, nice night-lamp, old mobile and some clothes.

145.90 КБ83.90 КБ70.18 КБ

Write to this LJ or give me your e-mail address.

DetailsCollapse )
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virtual life in Czech rep. [09 Nov 2009|11:51pm]

eRepublik is massive online game that unites folks from around the world. (More than 100.000 real accounts). People are playing politics and business. And some war too.

Czechs are real outsiders in the game being just 4th worth in the list of 60 countries existing. You may help eCzech Republic by registering in one of the regions Northern or Southern Bohemia, Moravia.

I was thinking if this is a spam or not. But .. what the hell Virtual life in Czech is just another aspect of the real one :)
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Photography in Prague... [18 Oct 2009|11:00pm]


Love to make pictures in this magiс city =)

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[22 Feb 2009|01:40pm]

Hi! I'm new to this community. My name is Nancy, I'm French Canadian. My boyfriend and I are thinking of moving to Prague for a couple of months next year. We're wondering how hard it could be to find a job there? He's a cook, I'm a graphic designer, but I don't necessarily need to work in graphic design. We'll be definately willing to learn some czech, but we're fluent in french and english. If anyone has experience looking for jobs or any advice, it would be very much appreciated. :)
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Job in Prague [13 Dec 2008|12:14pm]

The list of  job website,    if you have another one  add, please



studying in praha [28 Nov 2008|08:46pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

ahoj, all!

i'm in college and i've been mulling over the idea of studying abroad. however, i'm beginning to think i would rather transfer directly to charles university and finish my degree there. i was wondering if anyone here has spent any time at charles university or knows anything about the practicalities of transferring to a czech university from another country (specifically the states in my situation)? how realistic is it really?

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Paintball Prague 31.08, 2pm [25 Aug 2008|12:16pm]

Details stay the same.
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Paintball Prague 23.08, 2pm [19 Aug 2008|03:53pm]


This saturday everyone is welcomed to play paintball. It does not matter if you have experience or not.

1) If you have a car, come any time after 2pm (usually we play for 4 hours)
2) Otherwise you can take a bus from  metro station Kobylisy. Bus (N374) departs at 13.30, paintball field is next to the bus stop Zdiby Premysleni.

Further contact information you can find here: http://www.pcp.cz/index_cz.html?id=cz_kontakt

You pay only for ammo used - average would be 400CZK (200 balls). All clothes, weapons, masks are free. ("Bulletproof" vests are not included in the price, they would cost extra 50CZK, but usually everybody play without them.)

In case of any questions you can call me: 739 632 570 - Artem
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Joe's Prague review: Globe [13 Aug 2008|11:07am]


The coffee-bar and bookstore Globe;

I know this place over 4 years and it used to be a place of piece for me,
a relaxing escape from a little country's rush and madness to the room with a good coffee.

If you live in czech republic, working or studying around, you gotta love place like Globe.
I remember my first experience about this place.

I Came inside and have been surrounded by english literal classic in styled woody interior and furniture, You should imagine yourself like in Black books british sitcom, except a payed internet comps and more kindly shoppers.

You'll buy some book and read it on the place, where is entrance between counter and computers to the coffe-bar room.

A good music and picture gallery on the walls,
free table games like chess or monopoly and such,
but what was personally the best for me was a filter coffee for 30,- crowns with one refill.

I just loved it... Good coffee, good music, good atmosphere and the balcony section, where you could found hidden place from the rest of the world, where I had been drawing pictures most of the time.

However time is changing and Iam not visiting this place so often, because now the coffee cost 50,- crowns and all barman friends I knew are gone.
There is a new management, newer personal but same tourist prices thought.

Iam not saying its a bad place, just its not the place I remember in nostalgia way.

For more information, address and map check out the website:


(And for the end, this is painted text on a building wall which I've looked on every visit to globe. "Bee: Dies on its own defense. Analogy: What can you defense yourself?")
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Prague Joe [27 Jul 2008|10:10am]

[ mood | calm ]

Hi Iam Joe a czech guy and Iam living at Prague all the time.
I like a new friends and improving in my english so...
Wanna help with something? :)

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Chez Republic [11 Jul 2008|10:32pm]



I need a piece of advice on Czech Republic’s hotels

In Prague - Krystal, Pansion Akat, Botel Vodnik

In Cesky Krumlov - Pension Sladova, Pension Anna, Pension Na Kovarne, Pension Katka, Pension Falko

Location. Hotel Features. What is for breakfast? Internet in\near the hotel.
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Great shows in Prague 16-17 May (cross-posted) [05 May 2008|11:06am]

My two favorite bands (okay, my one favorite band with two names)is/are playing in Prague on the 16th and 17th of May. Catch them both nights for two very different shows, both equally amazing.

I'm flying 15 hours to see it, so what excuse could you possibly have for not going...?
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Wanted: Web developer / Web designer [27 Mar 2008|05:55pm]


Our news aggregation service providing news in 10 languages is looking for:
Web designer/HTML coder who will be responsible for keeping our website
good-looking & clean. 70% of the work will consist of coding and 30% of design / creative work.

1. Good HTML, CSS and web design skills (i.e. Adobe Photoshop)
3. JavaScript
3. Interested in working full-time for ambitious global Internet-project
for a longer period of time;
4. English language is a must;
5. Capability to understand product and marketing goals;
6. Creative, hard-working;

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